Patreon Exclusive Content

The Abroad in Japan Patreon has over 50+ exclusive videos to enjoy, revealing what really goes on behind the scenes. From hilarious outtakes and bloopers from Journey Across Japan and Wacky Weekend, to deleted scenes that never made it to Youtube. Almost every episode we release on Abroad in Japan is accompanied by a Patreon exclusive behind the scenes video and it’s here you’re able to find them all curated for your viewing pleasure. We’re incredibly proud of our community and the content we produce here on the Abroad in Japan Patreon is our way of rewarding the amazing viewers who believe in what we do and the videos we’ve been creating for over 10 years. Enjoy!

The code to access the videos below is available to all Abroad in Japan Patreon members.

Abroad in Japan | Behind the Scenes Episodes

Every Abroad in Japan video releases with a dedicated Patreon Exclusive episode, sharing behind the scenes outtakes, bloopers and making of commentary.

Journey Across Japan: Frozen Frontier

Japan's most extreme Eastern point isn't where you'd expect. We journey 1,000km across frozen landscapes by ice breaker ship, steam trains and sleds to a truly unexplored region of Japan.

Journey Across Japan: Escape to Paradise

We set sail for Japan's tropical paradise of Okinawa, featuring jaw dropping seas, mouthwatering dishes & luscious jungles await as we splash down - literally - into a region of Japan unmatched for it’s stunning scenery.

Journey Across Japan: Lost Islands

From smouldering volcanoes and eerie caves, to forgotten towns and sparkling seas, Chris, Joey and Natsuki set out 1,000km across three Japanese islands in search of their greatest adventure yet.

Journey Across Japan: Escape to Fuji

6 days, 1,000km through the Japanese Alps.
Endless mayhem, stunning scenery and terrifying locations. Join the adventure as we travel to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji once and for all. Starring Chris from Abroad in Japan, Joey the Animeman and Natsuki.

'How I Created It'

Producing a documentary can be challenging; in this series I reveal how I make a Youtube video from start to finish, the pitfalls of filming Natsuki: The Movie, and how or why I choose to shoot the videos the way I do. Essential viewing if you plan to go into Youtube or filmmaking and fun for anyone wondering how Abroad in Japan videos get made.

Tokyo Creative Learn

Drawing from my experiences in moving to Japan and building a Youtube channel, last year I produced a series of educational learning videos for Tokyo Creative. These slickly produced videos were featured on their site, but they were kind enough to allow me to feature them on the Abroad in Japan Patreon.

Travels with Natsuki & Ryotaro

In this series, I filmed Patreon episodes throughout the years hanging out with Natsuki (and god forbid, Ryotaro). Join us on our secret travels when we’re not filming Abroad in Japan videos!