Journey Across Japan: The Lost Islands Japan is an archipelago with over 5,000 islands to explore and Kyushu is home to many of the most mysterious and iconic in the country. As Chris, Natsuki and Joey the Anime Man team up once more to journey across Japan, they’ll travel exotic islands, steaming hot springs and smoldering volcanoes on their adventure to Nagasaki. While Joey wants to visit the island that inspired one of Japan's most loved anime movies and Chris plans to explore an abandoned mine, Natsuki dreams of visiting his ancestorial hometown. With their 500km road trip leading them to extraordinary locations, both stunning and terrifying, prepare yourself for a side of Japan that you don’t see in the guidebooks.

3 Islands

Six Episodes

Filming Spring 2021

You Decide Our Fate ...

One of the reasons why both the original Journey Across Japan and Escape to Fuji were so fun to make was the daily challenges submitted by you guys.

We are now accepting your challenges for Journey Across Japan: The Lost Islands, so if you have an original, brilliant or absurd daily challenge idea for the gang to undertake, fire away below!


Journey Across Japan
Escape to Fuji

6 days, 1,000km through the Japanese Alps. Endless mayhem, stunning scenery and terrifying locations. Join the adventure as we travel to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji once and for all. Starring Chris from Abroad in Japan, Joey the Animeman and Natsuki.

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Inspired by the original Journey Across Japan

Between October and December 2018, Chris undertook a two-month, 2,000km cycle across Japan.
 The series, filmed in real-time features 28 episodes and a cast of hilarious characters on a seemingly never-ending journey of despair, from Yamagata in north Japan to the volcanic city of Kagoshima in Kyushu.

Journey Across Japan has gone on to gain over 23.6 million YouTube views, making Journey Across Japan the most popular Japan-focused travel series of all time.

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