First Hour in Japan: Learning basic Japanese (Human Japanese)

Learning Basic Japanese: You arrive at Narita Airport in Japan with no Japanese knowledge. You have just under an hours train journey into Tokyo. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn basic Japanese!

Recently a friend (George) came to visit for a few weeks. On his first day, jet lagged after a 18 hour flight from London via Amsterdam, he was ready for his first Japanese lesson…

The app used in this video is called Human Japanese (there’s a free lite version and a paid for). I recommend it to anyone with no knowledge of Japanese as it explains basic grammar rather well and has audio recorded on there so you can practice pronunciation, as well as graphics demonstrating the stroke order of Hiragana and Katakana! I’m not affiliated with it, but I definitely recommend it to day one beginners.

For those interested in more Japan related videos,  why not check out the AbroadinJapan YouTube channel here:


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