How to Remember 2,200 Japanese Kanji Characters the fun way (Heisig)

“Remembering and learning the Kanji” – How to learn 2,200 Japanese Kanji characters using Heisig (stroke order and meaning) the easy, fun and most importantly – quick way. Also experience the shear frustration of living in a country where you can’t read anything and can’t do the most basic tasks – like washing your clothes.

When I found out the Japanese writing system, Kanji, has over 2,000 characters I nearly packed up my bags and went home after I finished crying – but after discovering a fun and creative solution to the problem , which turned a hell of a task into a short, enjoyable one, I feel I have to share the method with the world.

The method revolves around a book called “Remembering the Kanji” by Heisig and is very popular for learners of Japanese who struggle with the characters. I highly recommend the book to all and it can be found here:

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