Blowfish (Fugu) isn’t a delicacy to be taken lightly, given that the poison within the fish can cause paralysis. Ryotaro and I travelled to Yamaguchi – Japan’s home of Fugu – to see the dish being prepared and to taste it for the first time.

Thanks to Yamaguchi Prefecture for supporting this project and helping with on location film permissions!

*WHERE WE VISITED* Tsunoshima Bridge Motonosumi Shrine Akiyoshido Cave Rooftile Soba Noodle (Kawara Soba) In the video I said the dish is topped with pork, but it’s actually beef! Karato Market

► Yanagawa Seafood is in the middle of the market (Codeword: Ryotaro) Blowfish (Fugu) cooking experience for 3,980 yen. (Min.2 persons) ►(Japanese):

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